UNBOXT Joint Venture

The current Joint Venture (JV) between NDT Chile Limitada and UNBOXT Innoveering Canada Inc. (UNBOXT), mutually strengthen services in engineering consulting, inspections, assessments, certifications and non-destructive testing in the Americas. NDT Chile brings a depth of Regional experience to the JV, including vertical transportation, elevator inspections and certifications and diverse non-destructive techniques for South America’s Mining Industry, while UNBOXT brings international experience in engineering and feasibility studies, as well as optimization and risk management in the Mining and Energy in North America and Europe.

Together, NDTChile and UNBOXT are characterized by its professionalism and technical rigourosity in services to Chile’s growing mining and energy industry.

NDTChile’s expertise in vertical transportation (including lift and elevator design for mine shafts and commercial buildings) is supported by a large volume of inspections in the Chilean market, including participation in Government Commities for Evelator and Lift Regulation in Chile (MERCOSUR and INN), thus becoming Chile’s first authorized Lift Certification entity. Currently, NDTChile is undergoing NCh-ISO17020 in a innitiative to improve quality in certification and inspection services.

NDTChile’s current CEO and partner is Francisco del Solar I., reknown chilean Engineer in vertical transportation engineering and safety audits,  vast experience innitiated through Mutual de Seguridad (CChC) and other colaborators since the late nineties in Chile.

NDTChile’s experience is backed by clients who trust their equipment assest in the Mining, Energy, Real Estate, Construction and Ski industries throughout Chile and South America

Amongst NDTChile’s services are:

Engineering and Certifications:

  • Commercial and Mining Elevator and Lift Certifications (Chile Law 20.296),
  • Feasibility Studies, Design Criteria and Traffic Studies,
  • Specifications and Bid Evaluations,
  • Assessments and Site Inspections,
  • Technical Auditsand Risk Assesments.

No-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Electromagnetic Testing (EMT) and Magnetic Particles (MP),
  • Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT),
  • Gammaray testing (RT),
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).
  • Ultrasound (UT).
  • Vibration Analysis (VA).